Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In old Detroit

In old Detroit, originally uploaded by cellar8.

a bunch more interesting photos around the D on my flickr page. flickr rocks btw.

airplane photos

Originally uploaded by cellar8.

i don't know why, maybe it's boredom, but every time i'm on the plane i feel the need to photograph everything around me. it's such a foreign environment; clinical yet when you look out the window, you are soaring through sheer beauty. the dichotomy of our existence on this little blue globe.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

My old f*cking car

This is my cadillac. this car f*cking rocks. I've had it for f*cking ever. It has been so good to me that it deserves to be on this f*cking blog. F*ck.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Went to see my friend's band for the first time - Misty. Great show, very complex for 2 people. drank a lot, PBR's were 2 bux. Here is a few pix:

bob (being hisself), caroline, matt

Friday, June 03, 2005

Detroit Typography

Detroit is unique. It is decay. Every city has rough edges, but Detroit is rough all around. It isn't really scary though. Vacant. It embodies the sadness of the human condition. But within sadness there is hope. It is a multitude of stories within every building. There isn't too many safe little strip malls with big corporate names. Instead, a small business that is surviving. Struggling, but believing. And that is admirable.

The businesses don't have some awning with speedy signage templates and consistent city blocks with rules on how to put up your signs. Instead, there are handpainted expressions of the business owner. Maybe an overstatement, I'm sure that the business just needed a sign. But it is quite refreshing. Some are old and decayed, misspelled, but graphically inspiring. I know that David Carson is way into this phenomena as well, and loves Detroit for it. Anyway, here are some pix:

gotta love the high-tech name for a nail painting place

This is the Atlas Furniture bldg., where derrick may, carl craig, etc. were once at. maybe they still are, not sure. been to a few parties there back in the day.

This place now has a fresh clean awning. bummer. a great place to play still. used to be a huge vietnam vet hangout. the area used to be a thriving artist community late 60's. Plumb st., which is replaced by freeway.

Love the fading political poster.

A pizza place that was once a bank. Where else but Detroit.

Actually in Hamtramck, A city surrounded by Detroit.

We pronounce it Gra-shit.

This one is cool. Right at the end of a major st. I think Warren.

That's Detroit's no. 1 Cleaners. And Catfish, of course.

Then there is stuff like this. Usually unearthed when a building got knocked down or a newer sign was removed.

Some more of that. Ah. and the dot on the billboard. This is part of the Heidelberg project. Tyree Guyton, brilliant artist. Simplicity at its finest. A simple painted dot on a decayed building makes you look. Take second notice. They are all over the city. Even on the building we practice in.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


In New York City - was here for work doin a biz pitch : : : man this city rocks. very inspiring wrote some new lyrics while here - it's a song we have called 'untitled for now.' might keep the name. anyway, a little sumpn like this:

you tailor
the thoughts the signs
you say it all

you can read the sonnet
it's another take another bottle
hang on hate to tell you little flower
a hello call a troubled tale
once in a while hey

I'm your best friend
two on this trip
it's unlikely time you can't find
your way around
it might be
it might be there

deities and demons around
it's surprising that we talk at all

it's your senses
through honest tales
and i love your smiles
it's another lovely day

and it's another can't fit the puzzle
you belong with me please remind me to say
it's another song clean up the sky

here's a pic from my room n sh@t:

a pic in the bathroom, lookin happy:

cool blur - love this kinda sh*t wit the ol digi camera

on the way back to the airport

like the color