Wednesday, June 01, 2005


In New York City - was here for work doin a biz pitch : : : man this city rocks. very inspiring wrote some new lyrics while here - it's a song we have called 'untitled for now.' might keep the name. anyway, a little sumpn like this:

you tailor
the thoughts the signs
you say it all

you can read the sonnet
it's another take another bottle
hang on hate to tell you little flower
a hello call a troubled tale
once in a while hey

I'm your best friend
two on this trip
it's unlikely time you can't find
your way around
it might be
it might be there

deities and demons around
it's surprising that we talk at all

it's your senses
through honest tales
and i love your smiles
it's another lovely day

and it's another can't fit the puzzle
you belong with me please remind me to say
it's another song clean up the sky

here's a pic from my room n sh@t:

a pic in the bathroom, lookin happy:

cool blur - love this kinda sh*t wit the ol digi camera

on the way back to the airport

like the color

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